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Club History

Smithfield Hotspurs, a soccer club in the Fairfield District changed their name in 1979 to Smithfield Hotspurs Football, Sports and Recreation Club in order to become a multi-sports club and attract more sponsorship and Government Grants.

A telephone call in May 1981 saw the Committee of this Club give permission to make enquiries of forming a Little Athletics Centre……….and this is where it all began.

On 21st July 1981 over 100 people attended a meeting at Brenan Park Community Hall. It was on this night that the Smithfield Hotspurs Little Athletics club was born. The newly appointed committee received a loan of $2000 from the parent Club to buy the initial equipment.

The season was to begin in early October, 1981 on Friday nights.

Fairfield City Council allocated Rosford Street Reserve, the councils new Athletic Oval to the club.

Athletics was a totally new sport to the area and over 300 children registered for the first season. Unfortunately the first 3 weeks of the season were run at Brenan Park as there was no lighting at the new oval, but on 30th October, 1981, Rosford Street Reserve lit up for the first time. The events held on this night were Long Jump, High Jump, Discus, Shot Put, Sprints and Distance races.

Over the next few years the club continued to grow and more athletes made it to higher levels. The club even held its first Zone Carnival in the season of 1984 – 1985.

The club had it's most disastrous year when on 22nd October, 1989 fire raced through the equipment room and destroyed hurdles, high jump equipment and other gear. The canteen did not run for the whole season. However things picked up the following season as the club received donations and sponsorship and more parents involved than ever before.

In 1995 the Club was officially named Smithfield Athletics and Fairfield City Council named our club competition ground after our long serving patron Mrs Janice Crosio.

From the clubs beginning, Smithfield Athletics has been providing the community a Club, to enable its members to improve their fitness, have fun and gain friendships.

The present and past committees have continued those goals which began in the 1981 – 1982 season.


Committee & Club Captains 2018/2019

President Martin Scicluna
Vice President Marian Bennett
Secretary Troy Moran
Treasurer Anita Di Scala
Registrar Therese Scicluna
Results Recorder Theresa Holdsworth, Amy Strachan
Canteen Manager Anita Di Scala
Equipment Manager Stephen Cramp, Mark Nolan
Uniform Officer Jodie Bennett
Fundraising Officer Colleen D'Agostino, Therese Scicluna
Officer of Officials Colleen D'Agostino
Interclub Officer Marian Bennett
Publicity Officer Therese Scicluna, Troy Moran
Coaching Co-ordinator

Matt Bennett

Tiny Tots Co-ordinator
Marian Bennett
General Help Debbie Goetz, Lisa Kassardjian Ribeiro, Charlene Scicluna
CLUB CAPTAINS Nicholas Pinoschi and Luisa Di Scala

Life members

Name Year Inducted
Sylvia McNamara 1991
Rhonda Holdsworth 1991
Birthe Mortenson 1992
Judy Carrati 1993
Judy Salmon 1994
Marian Bennett 1996
Marie Stewart 1997
Anthony Okulicz 1999
Karen Hobbs 2000
Darren Salmon 2006
John Sharne 2009
Michelle Sharne 2010
Martin Scicluna 2014
Theresa Holdsworth 2017
Therese Scicluna 2018